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Why us?

Therapy is not meant to be a one-size fits all type of service.
Taryn and Michelle don't believe in creating an environment where you are viewed as a product.
Their aim is to support you, the beautiful human you are, to achieve whatever goals you might have.

Personalised Experience

All about you! We want you to have a completely unique, individualised experience focused on you as a human.

Northern Star aim to provide an environment that you feel safe and supported in. They are always open and ready for any and all feedback.

Evidence Based Support

Psychology is based in scientific studies on behaviour and the human mind and so we use proven strategies and methods to help you reach your goals.

Remembering always that we adapt this specifically to you, using a range of different strategies until we find things that are helpful and beneficial.

Comfortable, cosy, real humans

Michelle and Taryn aim to provide therapeutic services to humans as humans.

Keeping this in mind, they chose their practice to have a nice homely feeling so its not too terrifying and less clinical in nature.


At Northern Star, we provide individual therapy within our practice and via Telehealth (online).

Taryn and Michelle have extensive knowledge and experience with a range of therapies to support a number of Mental Health concerns.

Both Psychologists work across the lifespan and with all abilities.

Please note that we are unable to list all services provided so please get in contact as we are most likely able to help.

Emotion Regulation
Interpersonal skills
Stress and Burnout


At Northern Star, we aim to be transparent with our fees to ensure you are informed before you decide to engage with our services. Please view these below.

Initial session

Session time of 90 minutes to identify the history of the client. If this session is for a child, we ask that the primary caregiver be the only person present.


Subsequent sessions

 Session time of 60 minutes. Working through ongoing goals established in the initial session.



If you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your referring General Practitioner, your rebate will be $93.35*. Therefore your out of pocket costs for your initial session and subsequent session totals are as follows.

*please note the full fee will be due at the session conclusion with the rebate returned to you either through your completion of the rebate via the medicare app. Or, if you have provided the necessary details to us, we can complete this for you.




Session time of 60 minutes. If you are self-managed or plan managed by the NDIS.



Additional reports or letters exceeding times of 15 minutes or more will be charged at a prorated cost of a full session.

Please note that each session has at least 10 minutes of note refining, processing and preparation after you have left your session and this is included in your allocated time and fees.

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